Utility Listings

dataflat11to21MySportsAIMysportsai data
dataflat18to21MySportsAIMysportsai data
MySportsAIV5MySportsAIMySportsAI V5 GUI driven software for developing Machine Learning models for sports betting. Latest version entered 25/3/2021
MySportsAIV4MySportsAIClick and go based software for creating sports ratings using Machine Learning Algorithms
MyDailyRunMySportsAICreates your models daily ratings without having to enter MySportsAIPlace in same folder as MySportsAi, you must create a .txt file called mymodels.txt containing the file names of your .sav files one per line. Takes 2 mins to load
mergefilesMySportsAIMerges two files whilst maintaining continuous raceId numbers. Invoke with mergefiles filename1 filename2 Order of filenames is important
bfpricesv2Mark LittlewoodGathers daily results and along with Industry and Betfair SP's also IR high and lows. Add Irish course by editing the Mycourses file with first word only of an Irish course eg Gowran for Gowran Park. Invoke with bfpricesv2 for yesterdays results or bfpricesv2 yyyy-mm-dd
aiplus12to14.csvMark LittlewoodAccompanying data file to the ProfitablePuntingWithPython machine learning sessions (see marks Blog link)
getnonrunnersM LittlewoodOutputs to a file nonrunners.txt a list of todays non runners in format track,hh:mm,horse name
horse_mlogit.csvDr Alun OwenAccompanying csv file to Alun Owen's Multinomial Logistical Regression article in the October 2013 mag
Kelly Dependent Selections 0.12John JacksonAccompanying Spreadsheet to John Jackson's August 2013 article
Kellydependentselections0.4John JacksonKellydependantselections spreadsheet accompanying Johns June 2013 article
GetbfdataMark LittlewoodA program you can schedule to run each day that will get the free Betfair SP files
WekExcelTed AshworthFiles accompanying Ted Ashworths April 2013 article on Random Forests and Weka
RaceTransformTed AshworthFiles accompanying Ted Ashworths April 2013 article on Random Forests and Weka
Kellydependentselections0.2John JacksonAccompanying spreadsheet to John Jacksons February 2013 article
SmartBetPlacerDripMaxMinMark LittlewoodA version of smartbetplacerdrip that allows bets to be dripped into Betfair whilst also allowing the specification of MAX and MIN price thresholds
horseOct12.xlsDr Alun OwenAccompanying XLS sheet to Aluns October 2012 article
Racing HedgeJohn JacksonHedge Spreadsheet accompanying John's September 2010 article on hedging
SP adjustment for over-roundDr Alun OwenR code to adjust SP's to remove over-round but accounting for fav/longshot bias
SoccerFixturesFred BloggsGet Soccer Fixtures for next 7 days to .csv file
BootStrapping.RSteve TilleyR code to Steve's July 2012 article on using R for bootstrapping
perlscrapingMark LittlewoodPerl files associated with Perl Scraping articles in May 2012 onwards magazines
Euro2012AntePost0.3John JacksonAccompanying spreadsheet to John Jackson's Euro 2012 June article
Regression TreeTed AshoworthAccompanying program to Ted Ashworths April 2012 article
bootstrapMay12Dr Alun OwenAccompanying files to Dr Alun Owens May 2012 bootstrapping article
scraping1.pmMark LittlewoodIntroductory program code for May article on web scraping
SampleTed AshworthSample.txt file accompanying Teds April 2012 article
AllIndexSpreadbettorA pdf file showing all article titles from the old SmartSig magazines with a catagory description eg staking, spreadbetting etc
March 2012 article spreadsheetDr Alun OwenAccompanying spreadsheet to Dr Alun Owen's March 2012 article
Smartbetplacerdrip.exeMark LittlewoodAn extended version of Smartbetplacer that allows automated drip feed betting into Betfair. Read SmartBetPlacerDrip.txt
SmartBetPlacerDrip.txtMark LittlewoodText file describing SmartBetPlacerDrip
Yesterday Footie ResultsMark LittlewoodCreates a .csv file of yesterdays football results and score times for all domestic and main european league games
Discounted_HarvilleJFDinneenExcel file that calculates both Exacta and Trifecta probabilities using the Henery model for races. As you may recall, setting both lambda and rho values to 1.0 will give the original Harville model. Note there is limited error-checking.
VarianceMark GoodheadSpreasheet accompanying Marks March 2011 article on variance
Bivariate-Possion.RAlun OwenAccompanying file to Alun Owens August 2010 article
condlogicTed AshworthAccompanying files to Ted Ashworths Support Vector July 2010 article
Poisson.RAlun OwenAccompanying file to Alun's July 2010 article
World Cup 2010 simulator V0.4John F JacksonJohn's accompanying spreadsheet to his June 2010 article on utilising fixed odds and spreads to build a tournament model
LightSVMTed AshworthAccompanying program and files to Ted's June 2010 article on Support Vector Machines
SmartBetPlacerInfo.txtMark LittlewoodInstructions for SmartBetPlacer utility
SmartBetPlacerMark LittlewoodAutomatically places bets on Betfair. Can be used for Win market (back or lay) and place market (win only). Read accompanying instruction file SmartBetPlacerInfo.txt
KOGeneral.xlsJohn F JacksonAccompanying spreadsheet to John Jackson's February 2010 article
Wellin2008.csvMark LittlewoodAccompanying file to the October 2009 Wellin Horses II article
Marmight Market mapperA N OtherExchange market tracker from the September 2009 article
Systems.xlsPeter MaySystem results accompanying the September 09 competition
Trainer stats 2yo two runsMark LittlewoodAccompanies July 09 article on 2yo trainer stats
Trainer stats 2yo one runMark LittlewoodAccompanies July 09 article on 2yo trainer stats
Trainer stats 2yo debut runsMark LittlewoodAccompanies July 09 article on 2yo trainer stats
aiplus2004.csvAlun OwenAccompanying file to Alun Owens June 2009 article
crsdistdrawpace7.5Mark LittlewoodPerformance of prominent runners by course/distance/draw at SP under 8/1, see article May 09
crsdistdrawpace999Mark LittlewoodPerformance of prominent runners by course/distance/draw under 999/1, see May 09 article
GA PickerG E SwanGeorge Swan's Genetic Algorithm simulator allows you to run your data through a GA. Based around his April 09 article.
ShowMan0.10beta-Outright.xlsJohn JacksonAccompanying spreadsheet to John Jacksons April 09 article. Allows the user to gaether data from Betfair markets
Premier League Darts Leg SimulatorJohn F JacksonAccompanying Excel spreadsheet to John Jacksons March 2009 darts article
Premier League darts 2009John F JacksonSpreadhseet accompanying John Jackson's premeier league darts article in february 2009 edition.
Steady Eddie Monte Carlo SimulatorG E SwanAccompanying software to the Feb 2009 Monte Carlo simulator article by G E Swan
Trainer stats for NH sellersMark Littlewoodcsv file showing results in NH sellers by trainer
Trainer Market Movements NH 2007Mark Littlewoodcsv file showing trainer market moves data for 2007 NH
Price Equivalence SimulationJohn JacksonSpreadsheet accompanying John Jacksons November 2008 article
Trainer market movers NH 2008Mark LittlewoodComma delimited file showing market moves by trainer for NH 2008
Trainer market movements flat 2007Mark LittlewoodSpreadsheet showing pre race market moves data by trainer for flat 2007
Premiership 2006 - 2009Alun OwenAccompanying spreadsheet to Aluns's September part III article
Poisson Goals Model with ForecastsAlun OwenAccompanying spreadsheet to Alun's September part III article.
Market Moves by TrainerMark LittlewoodBreakdown of performance by trainers for price droppers and drifters for 2008 flat
SimplePoissonGoalsModel sheetAlun OwenThe accompanying spreadsheet to Alun Owens August article
MLresultsUKMLA program to gather daily UK racing results (including Irish results) in a comma delimited .csv file. Output file MLdd-mm-yy.csv. Last update 26/03/17. Requires 64 bit PC
Simultaneous Kelly spreadsheetJohn JacksonCalculation methods for simultaneous Kelly betting e.g. 10 football matches at a time
J.R. Miller Challenge spreadsheetJohn JacksonA disbeliever suggests a test to show that Kelly staking will not work. What do you think?
Average Best OR by SiresMark LittlewoodA breakdown of the average best winning official ratings of the progeny of sires (flat).
First Run Handicaps by TrainerMark LittlewoodA look at the record of trainers with their first,second and third run in handicap runners after three, four and five previous runs
Archie - a method of evaluating systemsSteve TilleyA method to help decide how good a system is based on its past results.
The Gamblers Ruin II.docJohn JacksonBet size is a decision of the utmost importance to the level stakes backer. If she chooses too small a stake then her bank will grow slowly; too large a stake and she risks bankruptcy.
Using the Sharpe Ratio to Compare BetsSelphie1410This article explains how you can use the Sharpe Ratio, beloved of financial analysts to compare bets and staking levels. The article contains little or no algebra and gives ideas on designing spreadsheets to use the Sharpe Ratio.
TheGamblersRuinII.xlsJohn JacksonBet size is a decision of the utmost importance to the level stakes backer. If she chooses too small a stake then her bank will grow slowly; too large a stake and she risks bankruptcy.
OptimalGamblingSystems.xlsJohn JacksonBreiman/Kulldorf staking strategies: the intuition behind.
KulldorffResampling.xlsJohn JacksonKulldorff's staking strategy for complex bets.
KulldorffLongTerm.xlsJohn JacksonKulldorff's progressive staking strategy over the long term.
GamblersRuin-FIVES.xlsJohn JacksonAn exploration of The Gamblers Ruin and staking strategies
GamblersRuin-EVENS.xlsJohn JacksonAn exploration of The Gamblers Ruin and staking strategies
Sharp Ratio SpreadsheetSelphi1410Spreadsheet accompanying the Sharp ratio document
Oddsline CalculatorSteve TilleyExcel sheet which takes as input a set of race ratings and calculates win/place odds
NH_HC_Rater.xlsSpreadbettorSimplified Artificial Intelligence Spreadsheet rating program, for NH handicap races