The MySportsAI software is now available for download for Windows 10 64 bit based PC's for all SmarterSig members.

Intro video here MySportsAi.

The software comes with 10 years of Machine learning formatted data. The daily declaration download will enable you to run your models against the days dec's and produce your own personal daily ratings. Its the first sports modelling GUI based click and go software.

The software is now available via the utilities section of the web site for members. Members can also be a part of the email discussion group for support.

As a full member you can apply to join the support group email list at MySportsAI email group


If you want to get a feel for what the software is like for FREE download and install MySportsAILite

MySportsAILite differs in the following

  • Only has two Machine Leraning algorithms to choose from
  • Comes with only 2019 flat data
  • You can apply your model to todays runners and produce ratings for the first 30 runners of the day
  • No hyper paramter tuning

Wisdom of Models

See article at Wisdom of Models

Wisdom of Models Ratings Upload